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Our History

Providing a safe work environment for any company can be a daunting and challenging task. We at Petrotex HSE Training and Project Management ServicesIndia understand the challenges companies face. Through years of experience we help collaborate and facilitate proven solutions.
As a reinstatement of our commitment to providing quality services and Training,Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions (Petrotex Global HSE Solutions) has been awarded with internationally acclaimed Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Certificates (ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001:2007Occupational, Health and Safety Assessment Series) by UASL (a UK based international standards certifying body) and IAO is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve educational standards all over the world, Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions is accredited by IAO.
Leadership is a critical and integral part of business; especially in the field of HSE the impacts of strong leadership are immediate and far-reaching. Petrotex serves as a role model for members of our work groups and the actions of our team reflect the Petrotex leadership approach.
Petrotex Global recognizes the immense rewards when developing and maintaining lasting partnerships with all of our clients. We incorporate all of our client's policies and procedures during training and reinforce the company's vision. By providing the necessary skills and understanding, you can develop a positive plan and approach to help realize that vision.


Increasing Health and Safety awareness through knowledge, we seek continuous quality improvement and aim to achieve the highest standards of excellence. We aim to make the world a safer place to work through technical support, information and training programs as well as, consulting services, health auditing, safety, and environmental practices.


To provide clients with value by using state of the art research and development tools. Along with strategies that only facilitate change and growth in individuals, teams, and organizations that create and maintain HSE as an integral part of business.


Petrotex Global Quality Policy

Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions is the premier resource for environmental, health and safety training programs in India. Our experience in developing a broad range of safety training programs has made a positive difference in many organizations. This includes favorable outcomes regarding better business results and protecting the lives and health of many workers. Our mission at Petrotex Global is to provide the highest quality training programs available and by meeting industry needs while adhering to regulatory guidelines, we can offer outstanding results. We believe that our core strength lies in serving you the customer to the best of our abilities.

At Petrotex:

We utilize new technologies and remain diverse when approaching the individual needs of your business or industry. We make it a point to fully understand and adapt to our delegates managerial practices by staying focused on our client's specific requirements. Petrotex is always growing and widening our scope to improve the quality of our services. Our success depends greatly on the people we work with. We at Petrotex promise all of our delegates only qualified manpower to meet industry requirements. Above all our quality and efficiency ultimately determine our growth as an HSE provider.

Petrotex HSE Policy

Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions are fully committed to laws and regulations, both regionally and nationally. Please find below more detailed information about the Petrotex Global, Health Safety and Environment Policy.


We at Petrotex Global HSE Training and Engineering Solutions are fully compliant with and shall be fully responsible in the execution of the following legislation:
(1)   Indian Regulated Laws and rules relevant to Health Safety and Environment.Health and safety of the employees in any type of industry is a vital aspect of a company's smooth and successful venture. Proper attention to the safety and overall welfare of all employees ensures valuable returns and fewer liabilities.
(2)   Indian Legal Standards and legislated codes of practices. By ensuring an accident free environment, organizations not only convey a message of respect towards the general safety of their employees; but also the organization sets a strong example within their industry by adhering to set legislation.
(3)   Petrotex is fully committed to above laws and rules. We also follow the strict HSE policies of our delegates provided they are of higher standards.